What We Sell

We have bullet lead for sale. And not just lead - it's Virgin Foundry Alloy with a certified analysis in the classic 6% antimony/2% tin/92% lead proportion that is the bullet casting industry standard.

This is what we use here at Missouri Bullet Company as our standard alloy. We have harder and softer alloy but this 6/2 is the Holy Grail of bullet metal. We sell it because the more we can buy from the foundry, the better prices we get. Prices will change from time to time, as each shipment is based upon quotes that vary daily.

Here is how we sell this alloy - we ship eight ingots, each of which weighs eight pounds. We do not sell the metal in any other way - 66 lb. flat-rate cartons plus $14.00 shipping. You may buy as many as you want. We normally ship orders the day following payment.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, PayPal (ugh!), check and money order. Local pickup from our shop is available if you're local to our area (we are in western Missouri, 40 miles SE of Kansas City.)